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Kathleen Fitler

Kathleen Fitler was born in Parramatta in 1913. Her family moved to Cabramatta in 1918. She went to school in Cabramatta and attended many of the dances around the area.

Well it was all bush practically there was McVerney's old shop and you only cross the railway line by foot you know there was nothing on the east side it was just bushes and you came along a way there and you could go through a (unclear) bush track into Bridge Street and then walk up to where we were up in Lovoni Street through what we call Young's Paddocks (laughter) in those days. But in Levuka Street there was only one house on that side there was two houses on that side of Levuka Street (laughter) one was a big long lovely old home and still friends with the Pete girls that lived there.

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