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Shirley McLeod

Shirley McLeod spent her first 21 years in Fairfield. She had alot of involvement with the different nationalities of the area and is a volunteer for 'The Way we Were' project.

We lived in Neville Street, Smithfield — it was number 33, when — after I was born. It was a rented place and it's now – there was a doctor living there and it’s his carpark — that's the site of where it was just near the RSL. From there — at the end of the war we moved up to Oxford Street and that was — I think its now number 81 — it was 13 at that stage but they changed it — and it was a war service home because Dad was in the Air Force during the war. He was able to have money — get a war service home — and we went to live up there and I stayed there. I was about 15 when we moved there and I stayed there until I was 21 ..

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