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Marcia Wordsworth

Marcia Wordsworth has been a resident of Fairfield since 1933. She served in the AAMWS (Australian Army Medical Women's Service) during World War II.

When we first came here, it was steam trains. McBurneys was established opposite the railway, they had a produce store, grocery store and he used to look afterÖ like he was the main grocer except there was a shop out near Cooks Park that was moonshine as we used to call it, a shop there called Tooheys, and then further back down near Harrington Street another little shop called Knights, they were the only shops that we used to go. Oh, then Mrs. Gilmore down on the corner of Meadows Road and Cabramatta Road, she had a mixed business with ice creams and stuff in there. I remember her.

When we first came to Cabramatta there was Miss Williams had the post office and library which was in the square at Cabramatta right in the middle there. There was somebody else in there, I donít know that Wheatleys were there originally when we first came, I think they might have moved on the corner at the square in Cabramatta Road. There was the hotel, the Cabramatta Inn, there was a hardware store called Hendersonís next to that, there was, I donít know whether there was another shop in between, but there was the billiard salon and barbers there and then Mr. Smith, he had a boot makers store, I think, where the bank is now. Thereís a bank still at Cabramatta Road, just in the town there, I think it was the Commonwealth or Commercial something came there. And then, I donít know what came after that. There was a fire engine, the Fire Brigade on the right hand side just almost up at Hill Street.

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