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Diana Aspinall

Diana Aspinall attended school in Fairfield and worked as a nurse in the District Hospital.

... busier, is the word. And most probably, more difficult, in that in order to help so many nationalities and with their problems, you had to be quite clever at getting the interaction and the help that they needed in appropriately. And the only way to do that was to use interpreting services where, when we did it in the Seventies, they came into hospitals as patience and they were Maltese or Italian, didn't speak English. But we knew they were in there to have the gall bladder out or have their appendix out and you just nursed them in a very simple way with some sign language and lots of different ways of trying to get your message across without actually using language interpreting. So in some ways, the Fifties was a much more simple experience nursing multicultural people. But in the Nineties it was much more complex than that, and their problems were much more complex. Some of them had been traumatised and brought over here, had come over here to escape the trauma in their own countries. So, there was lots of reasons why a you had to be careful about how you instituted help and care for them in the Nineties.

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