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Robert Bartholomew

Robert Bartholomew was born in Canley Vale in 1947 and has spent most of his life in the Fairfield area. He has witnessed the growth of the area and the influx of new Australian citizens into the City.

Yes, well next door to us, we had Italians and they had all their own vineyards, they used to make their own wine. When they were making the wine, you could smell that! Mainly around our area here they were all Italian with their market gardens and so forth. Then the, sort of, Yugoslavs, to cover all the Croatians, Serbians, they sort of came in. And then over at, behind Cabramatta high school you had the Migrant Centre, and that was all full of Poms, in their old Nissan style huts. I remember playing soccer down there, we had to go and play all the Poms down there.

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