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Leslie Grumley

Leslie Grumley worked as photography assistant after leaving school. He joined the Australian Air Force at age 18 looking for adventure.

one of the good things about the early days of Fairfield and working in Fairfield, were the families. Not only the born and bred locals but all the new migrants and that sort of thing coming into the country. Mostly those people were struggling and the change of language and the ways of local trade and people and that ... I think people gave them a hard time. And I always treated them as friends and needed help and I was rewarded right down through the years with the lifetime friendships from a lot of people. My contacts being in a butcher shop where you contact people all the time gave me a lot of contacts and a lot of friends right down through the years and I've still got a lot of those friends that are still alive, you know. And most of the people were Italians and Maltese and people from the United Kingdom and Yugoslavs and Germany and Dutch and Latvians and so on. I got to know all those sort of people through the work and through my contacts. And I saw the different generations growing up and, you know, they sort of intermingled with everybody else. And whole new families started up with all sorts of foreign names.

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