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Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was born in 1932 and is now a resident of Cabramatta. He left school at age 14 and 8 months to begin his working life.

Tom Hardy: ... my dad was a clerical fella, he wasn’t a, he wasn’t a, he was a very big fella, as big as me you know, six foot. A lot of Italians in the area used to come to pop to do their paperwork. You know he was very good, he used to fill all the forms for them. The Fontana’s, the Boriaros. And all the Italians, they finished with O in those days. And our place was always full of steam. You know what steam is?

Shirley McLeod: No?

Tom Hardy: Plonk!

Shirley McLeod: Oh right. Yes.

Tom Hardy: A bottle of steam on. Grappa if you want to put it…Grappa. Course pop used to like the dry stuff and he liked that but, that was all vegetables. You know he always…we had plenty of vegies cause he wasn’t a gardener. I’m a mad gardener, always have been but he’s not. And that was part of the deal. He wouldn’t get paid for it, but he’d get you know…

Shirley McLeod: The Grappa.

Tom Hardy: The old Grappa, the vino, the vino or and the vegies.

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