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June and George Petersen

June and George Petersen have a long history with the Fairfield area. They are life long members of the Fairfield City Museum and played a major part in its establishment.

George Petersen: Behind those houses over there used to be a creek or a gully.

June Petersen: A creek, yeah.

George Petersen: And before Woolworths could build on it, they had to pipe it. And cover it all up to make it so that the water would still flow and Woolworths said, 'no, it's costing us too much money. There's a nice block of dirt up at Fairfield Heights, we'll buy that.' so they moved up to Fairfield Heights.

June Petersen: It was all open.

George Petersen: It was an open gully.

June Petersen: We used to have a bridge across the road didn't we? Along Smithfield Road, what is it? The Horsley Drive, there. It was a bridge we used to have to walk across and it flowed underneath the, what is it? Creek?

George Petersen: Gully. June Petersen: Creek or whatever it was.

Fiona Starr: This was past the Cumberland, past Smithfield Road?

June Petersen: No, just here.

George Petersen: Between Oxford Street and Smithfield Road.

June Petersen: Just this side of the lights.

George Petersen: At the back of those houses that are there today, that nothing's built on, that's where the... it's filled in now. It's piped now, piped right across down to... if... if you go down the back of Smithfield Park, you'll see where it comes out.

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