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Arthur Wallace

Arthur Wallace was a farmer in the Fairfield area. He was secretary of the Progress Association and also secretary manager of the St Johns Park Bowling Club until his health forced him to retire.

Arthur Wallace: My wife's grandmother had one of the biggest orchards around, she was in the Jeeves family and they had between Bossley Road and Salters Road and another probably 30 acres up Quarry Road, peach orchards.

Richard Young : What they took them in the market?

Arthur Wallace: Yeah the old chap Jeeves up to about then about '27, '28 bracket, '28, 1928. He used to pick his peaches load them and every other day drive to City Markets with a horse and dray.

Richard Young: How long would that have taken?

Arthur Wallace: A few hours in and a few hours out that's why he only went every other day..

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