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Diana Aspinall

Diana Aspinall attended school in Fairfield and worked as a nurse in the District Hospital.

.. they were always busy on the farm so, we would just sit down and have a meal with them when they stopped and sometimes we would help with collecting the eggs and running around and watching what the chooks were doing. I was only fairly young still, six and seven years of age, so there wasn't too much expected of me. The other thing that happened was that um, Betty was a hairdresser and had trained as a hairdresser and she used to cut all of our hair so that we didn't have to pay money to have our hair cut. And I continued going to Betty and having my hair cut until I was in my Thirties, when I, she moved to the country and I could no longer use her as my hairdresser. And it was a big culture shock to go to a proper hairdressers.

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