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Sue Bytheway

Sue Bytheway has lived in Fairfield all her life. In 1974 she joined the Police Force and has seen big improvements in the Fairfield area.

Sue Bytheway: There was a big problem, like with drugs. I mean you could walk up the street, you could see them you know, they were lolling around everywhere, but me going to Wetherill Park and coming back, I can see a big difference, a big difference.

Shirley McLeod: I've been coming here for four years and only once and only once behind the PCYC I saw a drug and I reported it to the police. (.. unclear ..).

ue Bytheway: Yes, well I've noticed a big difference since we've come back. And the other girl there was with me, the public servant, when we first came back and walked down the street and I said Chris, ' well dear, where have all the druggies gone?' because it's a lot better now and I think people would have to worry so much

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