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Liz Coupe

Liz Coupe moved to Bonnyrigg in 1981. She has seen the area and community grow into a thriving part of Fairfield City.

Liz Coupe: ...lots of other nationalities, mainly Indo-Chinese.

Shirley McLeod: Were there?

Liz Coupe: Yeah,

Shirley McLeod: And what year was that?

Liz Coupe: In the 81, 82 there was a lot and we were actually working very well together in the community and you know, it was very well - we had a fantastic principal at the new primary school and he was actually, his job was to start new schools off in new areas so he knew what he was doing but he managed to get the P&C running very well. He managed to get all the community people together and everybody worked together very well and it was really exciting, dynamic times in the area.

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