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Krystyna Cyron

Krystyna lived through the Second World War in Poland. In 1959 she and her husband travelled to Australia via the Suez Canal. She has been a resident of Fairfield since that time.

We were in the garage, yes, we had some furniture, but we didn’t have any thing to cover ourselves with, so Barbara, because by then we took too much. We needed the plate, and we needed this and that. So we slept in overcoats with Barbara. I used to put her on that pillow, feather pillow in her overcoat and I lay next to her, and that’s how. And George would go to work. And then a lady, a wonderful Polish lady Mrs Juzga came up one day and she said ‘I’ll give you two blankets so that you keep warm.’ I never forget how kind she was. So that’s how we lived. We lived there for about six months.

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