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Isobel Howick

Isobel Howick and her family ran an egg and poultry business started by her father. She has lived in the fairfield area for most of her life and is an active volunteer at the Fairfield City Museum.

Isobel Howick: ... it was a must to go to Fairfield and for Friday night shopping and the Salvation Army used to play right opposite the station.

Shirley McLeod: Yes.

Isobel Howick: And the boys would get down there sucking lemons and Sergeant Noble would be walking up and down the street and you were not allowed to stand in the street and talk to your friends. "Come on, move along there" he’d say and you’d get a kick in the backside if you didn’t.

Shirley McLeod: He was tough.

Isobel Howick: He was tough but he was a good fellow.

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