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Arthur Packer

Arthur Packer and his parents were originally from England. They migrated to Australia in 1913 when Arthur was only 3 months old. He grew up in Fairfiled and also worked at "Cockies" biscuit factory.

The roads were dirt roads and the traffic was horse and cart, sulky and pushbike and the horse and cart made ruts in the road on each side. And where the horse went was nice and smooth, and if you had a push bike, well you got and rode in that track — the horse track, see. In fine weather that was always the best way to ride see, the pushbike ‘cause the ruts on each side they would be about six inches deep. They’d get bigger and bigger and when they got too big well the Council came with a scoop — filled them up. And it was all dirt and muddy though. There was a lot of mud about in those days.

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