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Freda Simpson

Freda Simpson has lived and worked around Bonnyrigg for many years. She is part Aboriginal and has developed many projects and support networks for the people of the area.

Freda Simpson: Yeah, actually, when we first moved out, we were the only, first Aboriginal family that were actually in that area at that time. Because thatís how we found out that they actually put a petition around the street to ask if they could actually move an Aboriginal family in there, coming from the inner city.

Shirley McLeod: They had to ask permission?

Freda Simpson: They asked all the residents.

Shirley McLeod: Youíre joking?

Freda Simpson: No. We found out from some friends of ours as, as the years went on, they said "do you know that they sent this petition around and we signed it and said we didnít want an Aboriginal family living here?" And we end up being very, very good friends with all our neighbours cause they didnít know us, they just sort of thought, Aboriginal family, theyíre like trouble makers, sort of you know, stereotype family that was moving and as the years went on we just formed this great friendship with all the different families. My brothers and sisters are still to this day very good friends with all their mates from school. Very good friends.

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