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Arthur Wallace

Arthur Wallace was a farmer in the Fairfield area. He was secretary of the Progress Association and also secretary manager of the St Johns Park Bowling Club until his health forced him to retire.

Arthur Wallace: Aw they knew everyone. It would have been I suppose it would have been lucky it was 200 population in Bossley Park and there was another lady Mrs O’Connell lived in Bossley Road at that time they had an orchard there. This mate and I as we go up to peach season we always went that way (laughter). She would know she’d say, "here’s my," she was Irish, O’Connell, she’d say, "here’s my little laddies," or something, kept a plate of peeled peaches ready for us at the gate every morning you know.

Richard Young: Might have stopped you pinching them?

Arthur Wallace: Well that was the idea I’d say. She made a good fellow of herself and gave us a few spec peaches already peeled and ready to eat on the way you know the 2 developed into about 6 after a few weeks after we told the others at school, "oh we get a plate of peaches every morning."

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