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Malcolm Wheatley

Malcolm Wheatley was born in 1914 and has been a resident of the Fairfield since his father began working in the original Wheatleys store. He recalls many events from his and Fairfield's history here.

Symbol brothers ran a four horse-drawn bus to Fairfield West. Passengers sitting on the side facing each other canvas flaps covered the side, the entrance was by the rear. A motor bus ran to Smithfield, chain driven Albion two decker open at the top. It ran on solid tyres which churned up the road. We boys used to like to rush up the top first and get the best seats. Horsley Park was serviced by a 1924 Dodge. The seats were on the side and carried about 24 people but most nights was overcrowding, you could barely make the Fairfield Heights via Station Street. I lived at 26 Station Street, I can still see the churning up of the red dust against the setting sun as it toiled up the hill.

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