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Jeannine Alves

Jeannine Alves is the great great grandaughter of William and Eliza Stimson. She was invloved in the Girls Brigade movement in Fairfield.

now I can't remember how often they were and I don't think they were monthly but there would have been several a year, when we all trotted up to the church in the hall immediately behind the chapel which wasn’t very big. And we all squeezed in around the edges of the hall and the action all happened in the middle, you know. There'd be a game of 'jump the broom' or, we used to play 'Johnny Miller' which was a song thing — "Johnny Miller who lived by himself, as the wheel went round, he made his pelf' and for some reason or other at the end of it somebody was out. Maybe that was connected with ‘jump the broom', I don't know (laughter).

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