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Norma Buckpitt

Norma Buckpitt has been a resident of Farifield since 1955. She has been involved in many aspects of the Baptist ministry in the Fairfield area including Christian Endeavour and youth work.

The minister's name was John Jones - the Rev. John Jones. A lovely fellow and his wife - and they had two little girls at that time. And we were made very welcome and we became part of the Sunday school and we taught in the Sunday School down there while we were there. And later on my husband taught scripture classes for the Church of England at Canley Vale Public School and we were very much involved in that church. We had three children and then in 1964 we had a fourth child and at this time - just about a fortnight before my fourth child was born - they moved St Paul's church physically up Canley Vale Road - up into Canley Heights. And we watched them on the Sunday morning moving it up and they had to disconnect all the electric wires on the way up and it was a very slow movement.

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