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Win Dale

Win moved to Fairfield after she was married in 1948. She joined the Fairfield Baptist Church during its formative years and was also a part of the Crusaders group.

Well, I can't think which minister it was when they said, you know we'll start a club for the boys and girls. Well, they asked who was interested and I was interested, along with two or three other ladies. And we went into Sydney to train for two or three months to be officers. My ambition was never to be a captain - just to be a good lieutenant. And we enjoyed those meetings in there… And we - when we had got our uniforms and paraded our white dresses and navy blue hats and all our first aid badges. And I loved it - being an animal lover, one of my classes was Animal Care and I pushed those girls into passing Animal Care (laughter) because I wanted them to love animals. And I took other classes and sometimes did devotions and we had several captains and at one stage they asked me to be captain. And I said to them what I just said to you now, Bev, "I don't want to be Captain. I just want to be a good lieutenant." And I had my own problems at home. I just couldn't cope with any more but I loved the girls and we got on real well and then my daughter was a little mascot in Girls' Brigade as she grew up and my son was in Boys' Brigade. And then that all sort of somehow disappeared

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