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Marie Penberthy

Marie Penberthy moved to the fairfield area in 1946. She was involved in Christian Endeavour for many years and the activities it promoted to its participants.

Marie Penberthy: ... men's morning meetings they used to call them cos they were held in the morning so they became the MMM. And then the men used to have, they'd have a dinner or a fellowship tea once a month and they would provide everything. They would...

Beverley Donald: They did their own did they?

Marie Penberthy: Well the ladies did help out at times but very often in winter time I can always remember the men used to take along a can of soup and they'd put it all in together and then serve it as soup. It might have 10 different flavours but they used to think it was wonderful. And they'd have special speakers come to that. And then at one stage there was a man who was attending the meetings a, Jack Ewing, he got them to form a Negro spiritual group. And they went to a lot of churches and they even went to Yarraville and around that area, Wellington because people who were involved in the Negro spiritual group, the men and their families, they still have friendships today with some of the people who live in the Yarraville area. But the men used to, I don't know where they got it, but they had special black stuff that they used to paint their faces and they'd all dressed up in appropriate Negro spiritual gear. They, no, they were very popular in many many churches probably for a couple of years.

Beverley Donald: Did they have a special name that you can remember?

Marie Penberthy: No it was just, I think it was just the nigger minstrels. I mean it wouldn't be acceptable today but that was, in those days that was just what they were called, I think the nigger minstrels.

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