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Jeannine Alves

Jeannine Alves is the great great grandaughter of William and Eliza Stimson. She was invloved in the Girls Brigade movement in Fairfield.

William and Eliza Stimson, my great great grandparents. There is the William Stimson School to commemorate his commitment to the area, I suppose, and then his son George and his wife Elizabeth were the ones who were instrumental in founding the actual Church of Christ at Canley Vale.

Beverley Donald: So how did that start?

Jeannine Alves: Well, just from family oral history — I was always told they started up within their family, holding a Sunday School more or less in their backyard as it would have been. I think they had an orchard and gardens but…

Beverley Donald: Where was that?

Jeannine Alves: I think that was at Ferngrove.
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