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Terry Apps

Terry was born in Harden and is now a resident of Fairfield. He went to school in the bush when he was young.

The school, well I was a dunce. But the primary school, they had a… it went up to fifth class in primary. And then, between fifth and sixth class they… no wait there, I got it wrong. It went to sixth class primary, that's right.

Oh no, various teachers for different classes. And then they had a class between sixth class primary and first year high-school. I was, I would end up in the class in the middle because I was a slow learner, very slow learner and mostly at that time some teachers, if you were a fast learner, they wanted you up front and put us out the back. But I think since I've left school I've gotten re-educated sort of thing, but spelling, I need a dictionary to do that.

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