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Kathleen Fitler

Kathleen Fitler was born in Parramatta in 1913. Her family moved to Cabramatta in 1918. She went to school in Cabramatta and attended many of the dances around the area.

But as I said 5th class, done up in a shed, you know, just an old shed. One girl (unclear) girl Sarah I remember one day we had an old Mr Jenks he was a cranky old fellow anyhow he was out of sight and Sarah had been sent outside and she said she popped her head around where's the old bugger gone oh we nearly all collapsed of course he stood up you know he was sitting down beside somebody helping them do maths or something, poor Sarah (laughter) I think she got the biggest fright as she would have, because it was just a big open, you know so wide there was no doors on the old shed

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