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Isobel Howick

Isobel Howick and her family ran an egg and poultry business started by her father. She has lived in the fairfield area for most of her life and is an active volunteer at the Fairfield City Museum.

Isobel Howick: We had Charlie Chase there at one time.

Shirley McLeod: Shirley McLeod: I was going to say Charlie Chase because he came over to Smithfield.

Isobel Howick: Yes, yes Iím not sure if he was at Smithfield before he came to Fairfield.

Shirley McLeod: He came to Smithfield during the war.

Isobel Howick: Yes, yes. After Mr Anstey left Dave Marshall came to Fairfield. He was the Headmaster then and in those days the Headmasterís wife used to teach us sewing.

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