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Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith was born in Cabramatta in 1932. He went to school in Mount Pritchard and worked on the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

... and started the trades course at the Granville Tech, I started that on my own bat. I had to get my apprenticeship, I got it with Hoover and we had to front the apprenticeship board for not having the intermediate certificate. I went down with a representative of the Hoover and my mother and the panel was asking questions about why you wanted to do it and all this type of thing and they came up with seeing I started the Tech on my own time that if I pass it that year I could have the apprenticeship. So I completed the trades course and then the last year I went back to Tech and I was doing my Certificate entrance which has brought me up to the standard so I got all my qualifications. The trades course was a four year course in those days and it was five years at Tech... at work I should say.

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