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Beverley Donald

Beverley Donald is a resident of Fairfield. She and her husband have been active members of the Church community and Beverley has written a book on the Churches of the area.

Beverley Donald: I had four kids and I decided to do a degree from London University.

Shirley McLeod: From London?

Beverley Donald: Yes. With London you donít need anything, you just enrol and thatís it.

Shirley McLeod: Wasnít it available here in Sydney?

Beverley Donald: Yes but I had four kids and I couldnít go off to lectures and,

Shirley McLeod: So you wanted to do it externally and London was the only place?

Beverley Donald: Yes you couldnít do it with New England in those days because,

Shirley McLeod: I did mine through New England and Sturt.

Beverley Donald: In those days you couldnít do it through New England because you had a University, you were able to get to a University. And so I did it through London and I did get notes from a place called Wolseley Hall, but I didnít do anything about it, Iíd been looking at them for three of the five years that I was enrolled and then the Government brought in free University, so I went to Macquarie for a year, still part time. Andrew was about two and a friend minded him when I went to Uni, and I just did one year at Macquarie but I coveredóI didnít do English but a friend did so I went to some lectures with her and I covered a little bit of the English, of history rather, English, European and American history and part of the theology course I was doing. So I had five subjects partly covered through Macquarie. And then for three months the next year I studied every night, I would read for a while, sleep for a while, read for a while, sleep for a while and I sat through a trial run in May where you sit for all nine papers in one foul swoop, and it was a trial run and I was actually still doing medieval, just one subject and not officially, medieval English and I came home from medieval English one night and Geoff woke up and said, "youíve passed your degree". And Iíve said. "youíve got to be joking!"

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