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Thi My Le

Thi My Le immigrated to Australia from Vietnam. She became a visual artist with the help of her Australian mother and through her own determination

I started with drawing class and the drawing class was too, a bit too easy for me but I did one year or so. Later on when I doing full-time I had an exemption for drawing cos I had done it all. So I did a four year course and I learnt English in the same time and went back to the night class, like a high-school night class in high-school for the night time. And during the daytime I did the university course so it's kind of very different. So I passed in maths and I also passed my English course. My English is still not very good, probably I haven't practised it for years because I concentrate on my visual art. But I did my essay okay and to my surprise I had a distinction for my final essay...

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