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June Caines

June Caines and her husband moved to Fairfield after the war. During her 14 years as a member of the Fairfield Arts Society she has been both president and secretary.

Well the club was started in 1961. And when I joined it the President at that time was Evelyn Armstrong who was one of the foundation members. And I'd taken up art. when my youngest child was about one. I used to go to the evening College in Fairfield cos I was sick of just having babies and not doing anything. So I took up art and I found that I liked it and then there was an arts show in Fairfield put on by the Council and the Arts Society and they were asking people if they wanted to join, so I joined.

And they used to at that time meet at the home of Evelyn Armstrong in Cabramatta. And it was a very good group. There were some good painters and there was a feeling then of. they were going to make things happen. And I don't know who really started it off but by the time I was a member there was an Annual Arts Show, which was held under the auspices of Fairfield Council. They supplied the venue and the prize-money and we hung it and staffed it. And it was good. They used to arrange special nights you know, one night you'd have a model. Another time you'd have a talk by somebody or a slide show or something like that.

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