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Mimi Oudomvilay

Mimi Oudomvilay was born in Laos and her family migrated to Australia following the Communist takeover of her country in 1975. She has done many years of cultural and welfare work within the Laos community.

Mimi Oudomvilay: Well we had the idea of putting on a Laos new year in April and most people arrived in March. So we had four weeks to put it together. So at first it was just a, let's, let's put it together.

Diane Giese: Did you have any costumes, (.. unclear ..)?

Mimi Oudomvilay: Yeah, we had, we had music taped and we just had costumes they - we had, yeah.

Diane Giese: Threw them together.

Mimi Oudomvilay: Yeah, threw them together. But we had great support from the community. We invited people from the schools and you know, whoever the community came in touch with to come in too. And we had it had in the, at the dinner hall, and it was very good. That was the first Laos New Year and we've had one every year since.

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