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Claude Alchin

Marie Penberthy moved to the fairfield area in 1946. She was involved in Christian Endeavour for many years and the activities it promoted to its participants.

Marie Penberthy: ... we had Sunday-school picnics, which were always a big thing because there wasn't much else in the way of entertainment in those days. So Sunday school picnics were a big item.

Beverley Donald: So what sort of places did you go?

Marie Penberthy: We went to the same place all the time which was, Von Heiden Park over at Carramar which today is just called Von Heiden and they have a retirement village…

(.. unclear ..)

Yes, yes it belonged to the Von Heiden family and somehow or other we were allowed to use their property for the picnics. Yes, always there and we always had corned beef sandwiches for lunch. That was the only thing we had for many years until - Alison Hapworthy was one of the main teachers in the Sunday school when I, that was probably when I was about 10. And she introduced mincing the corned beef with onion and carrot and I think a little bit of hot, Worcester sauce or something just to give it some moisture. And then that began a new lease of life for the sandwiches for the picnic(laughter).

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