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Malcolm Wheatley

Malcolm Wheatley was born in 1914 and has been a resident of the Fairfield since his father began working in the original Wheatleys store. He recalls many events from his and Fairfield's history here.

Our annual picnic and games was held at Latty's picnic ground at Georges River. The big day arrived and we were all around... grouped and three abreast then marched to the picnic grounds. A band had taken the lead for one... over a mile walk with power tin mugs slung over our shoulders. (.. unclear ..) stopped on our way trying to fix up our cups and adjust them. Watering can two gallons were used or they were borrowed from my grandfather's shop to pour out the lemonade and ginger beer. I don't think the cans were ever washed out before they were used. Corned beef sandwiches, cakes and sweets were soon eaten up and the games followed.

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