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Robert Crosby

Robert and his family had a dairy farm in Bossley Park. The land they once owned is now a part of Fairfield City Farm and the Western Sydney Regional Park.

We did dairy for a while and started, I used it for breeding horses with the extra ground. And we built the rodeo ground and called it the BBN Rodeo BBN Rodeo. And a lot of the locals learnt to like rodeos and learnt to ride and started their rodeo career in those BBN grounds. We also built a quarter mile racetrack cos I at the time I was breeding Quarter Horses. So we had Quarter Horse races there.

And we had other at sporting events. And I used to lease the ground we used to take in boarders, horse boarders and they used to come out and ride their horses around the property. I used to let the Scouts use the top of the hill there for their weekends for their for their training and it used to save them going miles away. They could do everything up there, they could abseil; there was every kind of animal up there, goannas, snakes and roos and rabbits and wild pigs sometimes, foxes. So they were virtually in the bush and they got a lot of enjoyment out of that. I didn't charge them anything.

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