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Terry Apps

Terry is from Fairfield. He was born in Harden, NSW and spent many years working for the NSW Government Railways.

So I got in, off I went and I done a U-ey and nearly tipped the milk cans and everything over. So I ended up going a few kangaroo jumps and off I go. I ended up doing the run and coming back and picked him up. And the next day we were up in Albury Street, not far from where I was born and there used to be a policeman and he had a white cockatoo and it used to say, hey, here's the bloody milkman. Cos you spilled milk, you had to measure. Anyway, so, he was running late for work this morning, this particular morning and he said, could you run me up to work I'm running late, and I said, I can't, I haven't got a licence. But he says, I've seen you driving he said, run up and give us 10 bob and you got the licence. So I gladly done that. That's how I got my licence so after that I was just a bit more careful with cars.

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