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Robert Bartholomew

Robert Bartholomew was born in Canley Vale in 1947 and has spent most of his life in the Fairfield area. He has witnessed the growth of the area and the influx of new Australian citizens into the City.

Robert Bartholomew: Well, just when we were little kids, we used to go to a lolly factory.

Shirley McLeod: A lolly factory!?

Robert Bartholomew: Right.

Shirley McLeod: Where was the lolly factory?

Robert Bartholomew: That was around in Ravenswood street, Canley Vale.

Shirley McLeod: Really!

Robert Bartholomew: As I found out yesterday actually, it was run by Mr Collins. Used to go around there with ya penny and get a great big bag full of old stale marshmallows (laughs).

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