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Isobel Howick

Isobel Howick and her family ran an egg and poultry business started by her father. She has lived in the fairfield area for most of her life and is an active volunteer at the Fairfield City Museum.

Isobel Howick: While we were up there most of the boys that were in our unit were boys that had been — seen service overseas and they had come back and they were unfit — weren’t fit to go into service again. And that’s what most of our unit consisted of and then along with the AWAS that were there, quite a few women there. We christened ourselves the Cut Lunch Commandos, we reckoned we were up at Kings Cross.

Shirley McLeod: Cut Lunch Commandos.

Isobel Howick: Cut Lunch Commandos because we had to go home every day, live at home and take our lunch with us everyday to work.

Shirley McLeod: So you lived at home, you weren’t in barracks?

Isobel Howick: No, no, we lived at home and I thought when I joined the Army I’d see some of Australia (laughter).

Shirley McLeod: You saw some of Sydney.

Isobel Howick: Yeah. We saw Sydney. And we reckon we fought the battle of Kings Cross with the taxi drivers.

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