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Ernest James

Ernest (Jesse) James enlisted in the Australian Navy at age 17. During his career he made several
journeys to Vung Tao during the Vietnam war.

.. and I arrived in Sydney here in — on the 8 March 1956. Got out of train at Central Station, jumped into cab and said ‘210 John Street, Cabramatta.’ The cabby looked at me — as there I was a 17 year old kid — said ‘Son do you know where Cabramatta is?’ I said ‘no,’ I didn't have a clue. He said ‘well,’ — he pulled the flag fall back on the meter and said, ‘now give me two and six for the flag fall’ he said ‘now, go down the road until you find the electric train station. Get a train out to Cabramatta and then jump into the cab and say "210 John Street, Cabramatta."’

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