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Maurie Maurandini

Maurie Maurandini's family came to Australia in the 1880's. He was a market gardener for many years before deciding to study chiropracty in America.

So I used to come up here and stay the night, and go back next day. So I made it my business to talk to him about this. To see what goes, so he told me all about chiropracty, sort of become interested in it. I had a beautiful property, and everything was set up just wonderful. But anyhow, after about twelve months I made a decision to go over to America and do study, you know. And of course I was told that I was off my rocker, taking on something that I didn’t... I never had any biological training. Didn’t know anything about the body. All I knew was that these chiropractors (laughs) could do things that uh, medical boys couldn’t do in a lot of cases.

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