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Tien Manh Nguyen

Tien Manh Nguyen was born in Vietnam. He studied to be a doctor and joined the army where he served as a Ranger during the Vietnam war.

Nguyen Tien Manh: Yeah. And then - actually it was the pirates that kept us alive really. When we were about to run out of water and food another batch came.

Diane Giese: And they gave you food and water while robbing you?

Nguyen Tien Manh: And they rob again, they, you know, whatever they can find and then before they leave, they see that we donít have anything they feel sorry, they left you know, a tank of water and you know, some sort of food. We live on for the next day or the day after another batch came. The only lucky thing that they never raped. Well at one stage they did want to rape the women, but then, for some reason there was an elderly among the pirate that sort of, they argued loudly, very fiercely in their language and finally you know, they didnít do it. I donít know. I donít, I donít understand. But itís like a miracle.

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