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Tom O'Donnell

Tom O'Donnell was born in Fairfield in 1937. He lived all of his life in Fairfield and was a well known volunteer supporting this project and Fairfield City Museum.

Tom O'Donnell: Anyway, hello Uncle Bill how are you? Iím alright thank you. And he walked inside to speak to dad he said Bill he said come outside I want to show you something. So he went out and he had a box on the back of his truck and he said do you think Vera would like this when he opened the box up it was a brand new Metters electric stove.

Shirley McLeod: Brand new?

Tom OíDonnell: Brand new, brand new Metters electric stove. Lord only knows where he got it from because those sort of things after the war straight after the war were very, very hard to come by. So dad says thatís terrific how much do I owe you he says Bill weíre friends you donít owe me anything.

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