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June and George Petersen

June and George Petersen have a long history with the Fairfield area. They are life long members of the Fairfield City Museum and played a major part in its establishment.

George Petersen: ... the Daily Telegraph, or the Sunday Telegraph was trying to get rid of brothels and the owner of the hardware shop was photographed coming out of a brothel up at King's Cross (laughs).

June Petersen: But it was only the back of him and you couldn't miss it because you could tell it was him. You know, the way he was. He had a bald head at the back and his build and everything, you could tell it was him cos I can remember Johnny what's his name said, ‘oh show us the photo I'll soon tell you if it's him,’ he said, ‘that's him all right.’ I can't think what his name was.

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