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June Smith

June Smith has lived in the Fairfiled area for most of her life. She worked with the US army during World War II. June and her husband adopted an Aboriginal girl after the mother agreed to the adoption.

A couple of occasions I know once we were at Blayney and I went into a shop and the kid said to his father we were standing there to get something and he said do we have to stand near this black and I said no I'll go to another shop and I walked out. And I went into the butchers and she was about five I suppose at this stage and we used to have a caravan see and it was a Saturday morning and we’d stop to get our supplies for the weekend and I went into the butcher shop and the fellow kept serving everybody and just left me there and I couldn’t understand why and I thought oh well they're his customers and Monica says I'm getting tired and I said well go out to your father and then he served me straight away.

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