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Ted Wale

Ted Wale was born in Coventry, England in 1910. He came to Australia at the age of nine with his mother and sister and has been a resident of Cabramatta for over 48 years.

Ted Wale: You want to hear about the models?

Shirley McLeod: Yes I do.

Ted Wale: Well, we had one there one night and she had beautiful lily-white skin. She was laying on this old curved leather covered settee and I'm painting, drawing away, we used to use charcoal cos it was only sketching. And I just got down to her face and her mouth and all the sudden her chin dropped and she started to snore. Any rate, it was a cold night and we had the kerosene heater, this vertical round thing, some of them call them Beatrice. And if you turn them up too much they actually smoke. It was a bit cold and Joe turned it up and went around and he's looking at us and talking to us and we're all busy... nobody noticed it but he turned it up too high and the smoke was coming up and then long streaks of soot coming up with the smoke. And all deposited on this beautiful lily-white skin. So when she woke up she saw this and she went to brush it off and of course (.. unclear ..) it used to be funny. We had a young policeman there, he used to come in there and do some drawing, I think he liked it better than doing his beat. (laughter)

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