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Isaac Youkhana

Isaac Youkhana was born in Kirkuk , Iraq in 1935. He migrated with his wife and children to Australia in 1967 to find peace and a better future.

Isaac Youkhana: ... this was the first time we see an Australian city, Fremantle you know. Fremantle is a very nice city. So we walked into this pub, behind the bar and we ordered a bottle of beer. And then, like everybody was looking at us. We felt we were doing something wrong you know. Like, behind the pub you can't order a bottle of beer but they give you middies or schooners but we didn't know this you know. So this guy thought that we were buying this one, we were going to drink it outside. But when we bought it he said, ‘can you open the bottle please.’ So he was looking at us and everybody else was looking at us and we took the bottle, drink with the bottle. Not realising we can by schooners and middies you know or whatever it is. So, and then we were surprised by the size of the bottle of the beer because the beer we had in Iraq was 600 mls but this particular bottle an Australian bottle before used to be around about 750 mls, so it was a very big bottle you know. And a different taste it used to give.

Marilyn Oshana: What beer was that, can you remember?

Isaac Youkhana: No idea. Maybe it might have been a DA or a Pilsener, Reschs or something you know I can't remember what it was you know. But it was very nice beer, very nice beer.

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