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Ken Young

Ken Young joined the Army in 1956 as an apprentice. He was involved in conflicts in Borneo and Vietnam and retired from the Army in 1991.

Probably one funny thing that happened, or that used to happen was, any visiting aircraft or truck, American truck or aircraft that landed at Luscombe strip (name not verified) would ... end up with a red kangaroo painted on it. Now nobody ever saw anybody doing these but there'd be this stenciled red kangaroo — well you're in our territory. So an order came out through the routine orders saying, ‘there will be no more painting of red kangaroos on visiting aircraft.’ Next plane came in, went away with a blue one on it didn't it? They didn't say you couldn't put blue ones on (laughs). So the wags painted a blue, a blue kangaroo on it. So I think the bosses through their hands up after that and didn't make any more (laughing) silly statements.

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