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Ken Chapman

Ken Chapman was born in Randwick in 1943. He has followed his families tradition of local government involment and served as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

My brother, or my sister actually, my brother and sister both introduced me into the Labor Party in 1962 and I used to go do little odd things for them, like handing out at polling booths and that during the elections until I joined the army. Then I let my membership lapse for a few years. When I moved up into Cabramatta I joined the Cabramatta branch of the ALP and Gough Whitlam at the time, Member for Werriwa, put my application through for continuance of my membership of the Labor Party, which was good. Because I was a member of the serving forces so it was able to be done. In 1969 I became secretary of the branch I think, within the first year and not long after that I was nominated to stand for local government, at the 1971 elections. So I stood with Les Powell, from the Mt Pritchard branch of the Labor Party, and a Mr Lyalls from Canley Heights. Of course I transferred from Cabramatta to Canley Heights in about 1970 because the branches were virtually going to fold. So they wanted someone up there to take over so I went up there as president. ’72 I did that. Yes, ’72 at the time. So I ended up going from Cabramatta Branch to Canley Heights Branch of the Australian Labor Party.

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