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Janice Crosio

Janice Crosio has a long history with the Fairfield area. Her family owned a store in Smithfield and she began her political career serving as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

..and Ken Chapman was one of them and he reminded me the other day – we sat round and he sort of said, ‘Oh we stop now for a cup of coffee.’ I said, ‘Good I'll have mine with milk and one sugar’ because I knew what they wanted. They wanted the woman to get up and make the coffee, and I thought if I start this, I will be doing it for the rest of my life. Another time I – Jim McWhinney was – got up and talked on something on parks and something in the structure – and I thought that was a good idea and I got up and seconded it. I got a little note saying, you know ‘you don't do this or we'll report you to head office.’ So – I suppose you can put it in the print – I wrote back to this person, nice little note and said 'shit in your hand,' and sent it down and wide open all the way around.

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