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Ken Chapman

Ken Chapman was born in Randwick in 1943. He has followed his families tradition of local government involment and served as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

The drug laws now have changed, mind you it’s took a lot of work. I’m Vice-president of the Cabramatta Chamber of Commerce and through its President, Ross Treveau, we’ve had a fight on our hands for say three years. I took up the fight when I was mayor in 1997. It started as deputy mayor in ’95-’96 and I carried the fight on when I was mayor in ’96-’97. In relation to the drugs I used to highlight it on TV as much as I could. News of deaths, syringes everywhere. I had a lot of media coverage from it, which was good. I had a lot of different papers and TV stations onside. They could see the problems and they wished it to be addressed...

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