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Janice Crosio

Janice Crosio has a long history with the Fairfield area. Her family owned a store in Smithfield and she began her political career serving as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

And I stood on the table in the backyard of our shop - where we had a party - and glared at them and said, 'Ladies and gentlemen, not only did they vote Labor in this seat, they voted female.' I took Fairfield from the 17th seat in the pendulum to the safest seat in New South Wales. Again it was a first before we bought an affirmative action into our party, that said to women 'You can do it.' You know, 'why can't you do it?' And I did and I went over there and within two days, I mean I made my maiden speech of the house, I wasn't going to sit down and sit at the back cos they told me 'you can't do anything unless you do this, this and this.'

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